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Cultivating Creativity through Photography

The best photography courses bring out the creativity in everyone

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."

Franklin D. Roosevelt 

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Creativity matters

Creativity matters - a lot. 78% of college-educated professionals wish they had more creative ability (Adobe Creativity & Education Research). Creativeness is a vital self-skill, but it's even more critical for businesses to have employees brimming with creativity. Staff who are creative find it much easier to turn new and imaginative ideas into reality, they become very good lateral thinkers. 


Creativity is the ability to perceive the world in new ways, find hidden patterns, make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and then generate solutions for that. Imagination is purely based on a single process: thinking; creativity is unique in that it involves two fundamental processes: thinking, then producing.

Creativity can be learned

68% of education majors say creativity is something you can learn (Adobe Creativity & Education Research). Unfortunately, many people grow into adulthood thinking that creativity is something that only those with money or an "arty" background can have. Even worse, they often believe that all creative outlets require natural talent and exceptional skills learned over many years.


Clearly, a painter needs to know the intricacies of various painting methods and a seamstress certainly needs to have an intimate knowledge of threads, needles. But you don't need to spend 10,000 hours learning to be a creative and lateral thinker. We can start that process after just one course with us!


Photography is an easy way to learn to be creative

There is one area of creativity where excellent skills are not required before getting good results; that area is photography. Anyone can be creative with a camera and get terrific images instantly. Photography is the democratization of creativity in a tiny box.


There is no rocket science in getting great shots; it's hugely about where you point your lens. After that, we just need to let the camera do most of the heavy lifting. The fundamental elements of photography are easily taught to people at all levels, no matter their background.

My teaching methods gets results - fast!

​I have been passionate about teaching photography and creativity for over 30 years. During that time, I have taught over 20,000 people how to capture the world around them in an interesting way. This experience has helped me create simple, well-thought-out instruction methods, using straightforward language supported by clear diagrams and illustrations.


My unique teaching system empowers people to use photography to help bring out their creative streak and be good at it! Click here to read more about how I do things.

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People using different kinds of cameras

Choose the best kind of camera for your group

All of my photography courses are available as:

  • Camera Phone Courses

  • Disposable/Instant Film Camera Courses

  • Digital Camera Courses Courses


You can find the complete list of courses at this link.

Choose the creative level for your group

My extensive knowledge of photography allows me to teach the use of the simplest of photography equipment to push participants' creative boundaries. Using either camera phones, disposable/instant film cameras, or digital cameras, I can quickly cover a lot of ground. With that knowledge, I have designed four unique base photography courses to help your staff become more creative:​

People taking different photography courses

For those who want to learn the bare minimum there are the Quickstart Photography Courses:
Phone Photography - Quickstart | Film Photography - Quickstart | Digital Photography - Quickstart


For those who want to dive in a bit deeper we have the Techniques Photography Courses:

Phone Photography - Techniques | Film Photography - Techniques | Digital Photography - Techniques


For those who want to learn to "see different," there are the Abstract Photography Courses:

Phone Photography - Abstracts | Film Photography - Abstracts | Digital Photography - Abstracts

For those who want to supercharge creative energies we have the Projects Photography Courses:

Phone Photography - Projects | Film Photography - Projects | Digital Photography - Projects