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A Broadcast-quality Training Channel

Having our own TV Production Company means we can deliver the highest quality training videos.

A Broadcast-quality Training Channel

Our fully functional TV studio with multiple video camera feeds gives one of the best ‘in-class’ experience possible

Highest quality recordings

When we decided to create our own Photography TV Production Company, we were determined to deliver the highest quality training videos possible.


To do this, we needed to create a ‘broadcast quality level’ training operation aimed at significantly breaking beyond industry norms. All of our videos are recorded in 1080p HD, with the highest quality sound. We feel that the world of online training is crying out for this professional approach.

Three camera setup

Uniquely among our peers, we have chosen a three-feed approach (two cameras, one computer screen) so that your learning experience can be significantly enhanced. We are determined to make our training videos more than merely an echoey, disembodied voice with a hovering mouse pointer on a screen - hardly exciting.

Cutaway, well lit, Camera 2 to show close up detail

We also utilize a multi-camera approach for our on-location field trip videos so that you can see smaller details much more clearly.

We think our chosen approach is much more engaging, much more relevant to your needs, and much more likely to help you stick with the course from beginning to end.

Live recording!

All of our courses are recorded live, which helps keep the energy levels high. This approach allows me to act as if we am training you in your own room.

Live computer feed that allows you to see what the trainer is doing in real-time

A live recording is not an easy thing to carry off, but decades of experience in the classroom, teaching all of these courses to students in a real room, not only means we can do this, it means we think there is no better way of doing it.

Engaging presentation!

Most online training is boring; we all know that. A key goal of ours is to make sure our students do not fall asleep or switch off during any of our courses.

We always aim to keep the energy levels high and to keep your interest at an even higher level. We believe this professional and engaging approach is crucial to helping you get the most out of all of our courses.

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