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Cultivating Creativity through Photography

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Increase creativity & lateral thinking in ALL of your employees.


Supercharge your employees creativity

68% of education majors say creativity is something you can learn (Adobe Creativity & Education Research). Unfortunately, many people grow into adulthood thinking that creativity is something that only those with money or an "arty" background can have. Even worse, they often believe that all creative outlets require natural talent and exceptional skills learned over many years.

Creativity can be learned!

Clearly, a painter needs to know the intricacies of various painting methods and a seamstress certainly needs to have an intimate knowledge of threads, needles. But you don't need to spend 10,000 hours learning to be a creative and lateral thinker. We can start that process after just one course with us!


Physical & virtual exhibitions create a fantastic buzz

The Physical Prints Exhibition allows for a buzz to be built up in the preceding weeks of the opening night, culminating in multiple opportunities for positive images to be captured and shared with your supporters.


For those who can't make it to the launch venue, the Virtual Exhibition allows them to see the exhibition as if they were there in real-time. This Virtual Exhibition also allows you to benefit from the course long after it ends, as it remains available on the web for as long as you want it.

Printed photo book to share with suppliers and the general public

The other exciting part of this course, the Printed Photo Book, is probably the single element that most people get excited about. Who doesn't like to leaf through a real book full of gorgeous images! The book allows you to distribute the positive message of your group to audiences far and wide. The book can also easily accommodate other images and logos that help bring your message to a wider audience.


Minimal experience or equipment needed

Most students of our phone photography courses will have minimal to no experience with photography or phone editing software. Any iOS, Android, or Windows camera phone or tablet can be used.


All participants of the course use the same App for editing the images. This free App is compatible with most iOS, Android, or Windows camera phones or tablets. There is no need to use a desktop or laptop computer. Expert instruction is given on processing the shots on a phone or tablet.

More information

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