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Young woman with a digital camera up to her eye taking our Abstracts Creativity Course.

About this group course

For many who have been using their digital camera or camera phone for a while, a deep creative hunger often sets in, driving them to want to try a new way of taking photographs. In this scenario, and with expert guidance, disposable film cameras can provide the raw material that helps kickstart a whole new creative process.

Abstract images are incredibly easy to create, while the right camera phone Apps now give us the digital editing power of Photoshop. Both of these things make film photography incredibly liberating for the creative photographer in all of us. Suddenly, every free moment is an opportunity to capture and craft beautiful and intriguing images.

In this course, all photos are shot on disposable film cameras, scanned at time of developing, and processed on the participant's phones. At the same time, extensive instruction is given on using the free mini-Photoshop App compatible with all camera phones. Most of the time is spent teaching visual storytelling skills, helping participants develop sophisticated visual ideas while teaching them how to analyze images skilfully. At the end of the course, they will present personal, meaningful, and imaginative photographic responses.

Images submitted for the various assignments receive gentle and supportive critiquing; this is crucial for participants to enhance their learning. Critiquing covers composition, processing tips, prompts for what works well, and suggestions for resolving things that do not.

A unique part of this course is the two photography projects, the first set by the tutor and the second chosen by the learner. Both projects are exhibited in special virtual exhibitions, where participants can show off their work to the world.

A previous attendee of the course said: "To anyone looking to understand more about photography, I highly recommend this course and Dave. Not only is he an excellent photographer, but his teaching skills are also second to none."

This course aims to help train participants' eyes in how to "see different" in the world immediately surrounding them. The content is ideal for those who have a deep desire to create more arresting images but who do not have enough spare time to spend out on photographic expeditions.

Learners can use any disposable/single use film camera* for the photography, and any Android, iOS, or Windows camera phone or tablet for the image editing (all film will be scanned).

*Instant film and traditional SLR film camera course options also available

Course options.



6 Weeks

$3000 / €3000 / £2700

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