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Young woman with a digital camera up to her eye taking our Abstracts Creativity Course.

About this group course

Camera phones are light and easy to transport; you do not need to lug around lots of lenses and a heavy camera body. This means that your camera is always with you, making it incredibly easy to engage in photography as part of your everyday life.

But, as with any cheap and accessible technology, it is all too easy to shoot images that look just like everyone else's photos. It can be challenging for the untrained eye to find a way past this conundrum.

In this Phone Photography Techniques Course, I start with the premise that participants have little or no photography background. Because of this, I spend much time concentrating on the creative ways learners can improve an image by using the key features built into all camera phones. Essential photo editing techniques that help them make their images pop are also covered through the free mini-Photoshop App we use.

Images submitted for the various assignments receive gentle and supportive critiquing; this is crucial for participants to enhance their learning. Critiquing covers composition, processing tips, prompts for what works well, and suggestions for resolving things that do not.

A unique part of this course is the final photography project at the end, which is worked on from the very first class of the course. Final images are then exhibited through a special virtual exhibition, where participants can show off their work to the world.

In the words of a previous attendee, "Thanks to this course, I learned how to easily get better results when taking pictures with the best camera, i.e., the one we have with us. I also learned how to use software to correct camera imperfections."

This course is ideal for those who want to spend more time diving deeper into phone photography and image editing techniques. Learners can use any Android, iOS, or Windows camera phone or tablet.

Course options.



4 Weeks

$2000 / €2000 / £1800

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