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Film Photography QuickStart Course

Course Content:

Digital Photography - Projects

The goal of this group course is to help whet learners' creative appetites and set them on the compelling road of project photography. The content is ideal for those who wish to channel their creative energies into an exciting and inexpensive creative outlet.

Learners can use any digital camera for the photography, and any Android, iOS, or Windows camera phone or tablet for the image editing.


8 Weeks


$4000 / €4000 / £3600


With one class per week, this Projects Course lasts 8 weeks in total. Each session is 90 minutes long, resulting in 12 hours of total class learning. Participants are expected to add roughly the same amount of time creating and working on their own images.

All students are given 6 Photo Assignments for presentation in the following week each one has been set.

3 Photography Projects are given to each learner. Each Project forms the basis of 3 Virtual Exhibitions. The first 2 of these are held in the middle of the course, with the final one taking place at the end of the course.

A printed Photobook option, which includes selected shots from each participant, is also available.

There is also a Print Exhibition Option on this Projects Course. This is a paid extra and includes advice on printing and framing. The Print Exhibition adds an additional 2 weeks to the course. The exhibition takes place on your company premises.

This course can accommodate a minimum of 5 participants up to a maximum of 30.

Woman hold digital camera up to her eye. She is taking a photograph at dusk, so is using a hand rail to help steady the camera


Various class times are available to suit your organizations needs. When scheduling, please bear in mind that between sign-in before and the Q&A afterwards, each course can last up to 2 hours.


Most students of this course will have minimal experience with photography or phone editing software, but will have been using a camera phone or tablet camera for a while.

The course is ideal for those who wish to learn more about visual storytelling and but also want to channel their creative energies into an easy and inexpensive outlet.


Our Projects courses set 6 weekly photo assignments based on the content of that class (a simple assignment for week one is sent to each attendee before the course starts.). All images are gently critiqued at the start of each class.

Also, everyone benefits from seeing what others have produced with the same assignment that they have received. We learn deeply by seeing through the eyes of others.

Young woman with a digital camera up to her eye taking an abstract photo with a digital camera.


The most vital part of learning photography is receiving gentle and supportive critiquing of your images. My critiquing of the images produced on this course covers composition, processing tips, prompts for what works well, and suggestions for resolving things that do not.


At the start of the course, a photo project is set for each participant. The project is designed to help get quick results while giving them a chance to help develop critical visual skills. Attendees then choose their second and third projects in close consultation with the tutor.


Each of the participant's three projects will feature in three separate virtual exhibitions. The first two projects are designed to build creative muscles and will feature in virtual exhibitions that will be shared amongst friends and work colleagues. The final project, which aims to highlight a personal aspect of the learner's life, will also feature in final a virtual exhibition that will be shared with a worldwide audience.*

*A prints and virtual exhibition combination is also an option


An end of course prints and virtual exhibition combination is also an option. The Prints Exhibition Option is a paid extra and includes advice on printing and framing. The Print module is an extra two weeks added at end of the course. The Prints Exhibition takes place on your company premises.

Young woman with a digital camera up to her eye taking an abstract photo with a digital camera.


Who doesn't like to curl up with a nice book? An optional feature this course is to have a beautifully printed book created with the best images shot on each course. The books are produced using the latest digital technology and are available in quantities of 5 right up to many hundreds.

These books are not only great for each participant's home coffee table but are ideal for showing future employees how open your company is to creative expression of all kinds. The publication can easily include your logo along with an introduction from your CEO or other group leaders.


Any digital camera that has Auto and Program Mode.
While not essential, a tripod will be helpful in keeping the camera steady in low light conditions.

Please note: capture devices cannot be mixed. This course is purely for digital cameras, it is not suitable for phones or film cameras.

All students of this course will use the same App for editing the images. This free App is compatible with most iOS, Android, or Windows camera phones or tablets. There will be no need to use a desktop or laptop computer.

Expert instruction is given on processing the shots on a phone or tablet.

A digital SLR and a digital mirrorless camera
Signed Certificate of Completion


A signed Certificate of Completion is awarded at the end of the course.


If you have any queries about this or any other of our courses, please use our Contact Page or send an email to

Tutor with film camera up to his eye, ready to take a photo

We teach each of our courses so that learners can quickly spread the knowledge they pick up every week into other areas of image taking. These core principles can be used in ANY imaging device, be it the simplest of cameraphones or the most elaborate high-end cameras. Photography, at its core, is about shutters, apertures, and ISO. Still, it is HOW you bring these together for each shot that matters.



Dave McKane

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