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Group Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching Sessions - Group Training

Learn how to increase your creativity & lateral thinking

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Increase your teams creativity with our group coaching sessions

With The Creative Guide group coaching system, you can learn faster, master more concepts, and rejuvenate your love of creativity. A learning relationship with one of our tutors will empower your group to take control of your specific creative learning needs. 


Far too many learners leave training sessions feeling like they have had little or no personal attention. Many are also left with the distinct impression that their instructors did not understand them. If this resonates with you, then our group creativity coaching sessions will solve all of these dilemmas.

Become creatively empowered

Our tutors are dedicated to empowering each of their one-to-one participants to achieve your creative goals. Night class training assists you in becoming the best imaginative version of yourself while helping you discover an exciting new creative path to follow.

The instructor will set multiple exercises to help boost your creativity. Some will be as simple as advice and support on journalling or insights on how to improve your brainstorming techniques.

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With creativity, there is no 'One Size Fits All'

Participants can address only the things they need help with allowing the instructor to match their needs and interests. Tutors will develop their interactions to align more closely with your unique creative passions and learning styles.


Our instructors will always ensure conversations and assignments fit with what interests and inspires you.

Creative interactions where you feel heard

Our tutors are committed to listening to your specific creative needs and actively respond with our well-honed one-to-one model. Conversations are always learner-driven, where you have complete control over the questions you ask.


With our caring, considerate tutors you will quickly begin to understand that there is no such thing as a stupid question or a wrong answer. For maybe the first time in their lives, participants never have to fear being who they really are.

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Friendly and knowledgable instructors guide you through the creative process.

Instructors adapt to your unique creative style

In night class training settings, you can learn from the material that is personalized for you. Communication, sharing of ideas, and questions and answers can be more organic and relevant to your creative preferences.


In these night class training sessions, tutors get to know you quickly. They can more easily keep track of your progress and gauge your successes and struggles. Instructors can then easily adjust training plans to fully serve your needs.

Creativity Coaching topics

Our creativity coaching group sessions are all about providing the guidance and help your group needs in breaking through, or keeping going!

There are a number of ways we can help, including:

  • Developing a creative process unique to you

  • Overcoming your creative blocks

  • Identifying your key creative goals

  • Discovering new ways to be more creative

  • Suggested reading list

Class Fee: $50/€50/£45 per person (6 people minimum)

Class Length: 2 Hours

Class Times: Class can take place at any time

Zoom Class Details: Attendees can dial in from separate places, from the one room, or a combination of both

Why not book a free Zoom consultation  with us where we can chat about what your creativity coaching needs are?


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