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Staff member taking a product shot with a phone

Product Photography with a Phone Group Training

Learn how to use any phone to take amazing product pictures

Using a lightbox to provide soft lighting for product photography.

Learn how to shoot and process amazing product pictures with any phone

Smartphones and tablets have incredibly powerful cameras, but they are usually locked on auto. This means getting consistent results across a range of similar products can be challenging.


This training guides your group through the complete set-up, from unique shooting apps to the correct lighting, from critical equipment to professional quality editing right on the device. ​

Take complete control with a dedicated manual camera app

The problem with the built-in camera app on all phones and tablets is that they assume you are only taking snapshots. To get high-quality professional results, you need to take control of all the settings that pro photographers do, such as shutter speeds, ISO, and White Balance.


Also, a key difference between amateur and professional results is the ability to shoot and process Raw files in a non-destructive way. This means you are always left with the original file as it was shot.

We provide you or your staff with complete instructions on getting fantastic results from the recommended dedicated Adobe® shooting app (but we can work with whatever app you prefer).

Using a manual phone camera app to get professional product photos.
Using a professional level image editing app to process high quality images.

Process images at a high-quality professional level right on your phone or table

The editing options on most phones and tablets are pretty basic and are not designed to produce consistently professional results. To edit images at an industry standard, you need to be able to see and control histograms, shadows, highlights, and vibrance, to name but a few.

No matter how well the photo has been captured, ALL images need post-processing to further squeeze more quality out of them. You also need to be able to output your images in various file formats and sizes that are pre-determined either by you or by the designer you are working with.


We instruct you how to use Adobe® editing apps such as Lightroom Mobile and PS Express, which work on any Apple or Android phone or tablet (but we can work with whatever app you prefer). These apps are designed by the same people who created industry-standard software such as Photoshop© and Lightroom©.

Advice provided on all necessary lighting equipment and supplies

Taking consistently high-quality professional images requires more than a phone can provide. Our trainers will advise on extra essential equipment such as lighting setups, phone holders, and tripods.

Lighting is a vital element here. At this level, you simply cannot rely on daylight. Besides, what if you need to shoot at night, or in a room with tiny windows?


Once you have training on the dedicated manual camera app, and have learned how to manipulate the lighting soft boxes, you will be able to take complete control of the shooting environment.

Professional level lighting for product photography with a phone.
Friendly and knowledgable instructors guide you through the complete shooting and editing process.

Instructors guide you through the complete set up — in real-time

In our night class training scenarios, you can only learn the information that is relevant to you and your products. Solving problems and technical issues will be much more organic and relevant to your company's needs.


In these training relationships, tutors get to know your needs quickly. Our instructors will create training plans to fully serve your needs and ensure your products turn out as if you had hired an outside professional to do them!

Product photography training options

This training is designed to guide your group through any kind of product photography such as:​

  • Small products such as jewelry and cosmetics

  • Large products such as furniture

  • Fashion items such as shoes and clothing

  • Bulky products such as bags and toys

  • Products for shopping cart websites

  • Creating engaging Social Media images

Class Fee: $50/€50/£45 per person (6 people minimum)

Class Length: 2 Hours

Class Times: Class can take place at any time

Class Details: Attendees can Zoom in from separate places, from the one room, or a combination of both

Why not book a free Zoom consultation  with us where we can chat about what your product photography needs are?


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Examples of the high quality product images that a phone can shoot and process.
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