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Look up at the sky

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

“To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted” — George Keller

Fluffy white clouds floating in a blue sky.
Not all of us live in a place with fantastic views, but we all have a patch of sky we can stare at.

Is it an elephant? Or a rabbit? Is it a king sitting on his throne or a gorilla eating an orange? Cloud watching offers your eyes a therapeutic break from staring at glowing digital screens all day. The sky is a very democratic space; none of us have to go far to see it, whether it's a tiny sliver viewable between the rooftops or a vast expanse that can be taken in while looking out our backyard.

“Staring at the sky helps slow you down. It offers a chance to take a deep breath while getting lost in the myriad shapes and textures on display.”

The sky is never the same; two people looking at it while standing side by side will see it differently. In contrast, a single individual who looks away for a second will return their gaze and see that everything has changed.

We have to change our relationship with the sky

For many who live in more changeable climates, the sky can be an omen of menace; will it rain on our parade? Is the wind going to blow away the stalls at the village fair? Will it nix our photoshoot? The truth of the matter is that bad weather happens much less than we think. Ask anyone who cycles regularly, and they'll tell you that the amount of time they get significantly impacted by weather is a fraction of the amount of time they're on the

Looking at the sky lifts our heads, physically and metaphorically

How we position our bodies doesn't just reflect how we feel, it also has the power to change how we feel. New research shows posture has a more significant impact on the body and mind than anyone previously realized. Striking a powerful, expansive pose changes a person's hormones and behavior and even influences how you are perceived in the working world.

The simple fact is, looking up helps us look up. A few minutes is all you need to significantly impact your feelings.

Why not give it a try?

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