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Groups - How our Live Zoom Courses are structured

Our Zoom Classrooms guarantee a high-quality learning environment with HD Live Zoom Broadcasts and high-quality sound.

Groups - How our Live Zoom Courses are structured

Full instructions provided

As part of each set of course tutorial notes, we provide full instructions on logging on to our Live Web Classes.

Safe & secure

Our Zoom Classrooms utilize the "Waiting Room" feature on Zoom (my teaching platform). All students will receive a secure login to get to the class. The Waiting Room facility allows me only to allow those in who have registered for the course. You can download Zoom for your particular device at this link.

Log in on any device

The beauty of the Zoom platform is that you can log in on almost any device imaginable; phone, tablet, laptop, desktop. If you are running late for class, you can even log in on your mobile device and then switch over to your laptop/desktop as soon as you get back to base!

Microphones muted (until you are ready to speak)

All mics will be muted on entry. Students are encouraged to keep them muted until they have a question to ask or are taking part in a general discussion.

All classes recorded

All of our Live Web Classes are recorded and uploaded to a secure Playlist that only registered students have access to. This is great for reviewing each class but also vital for those who missed it. The link for each recording is made available the morning after each class. Please note: it is the trainers who appear in the videos, not the participants; only the students' voices are in the recording, and individuals are never identified.

Jargon lite

We know how confusing photography and technical jargon is for the average camera and software user. We make learning more natural for you by using simple language and breaking everything down into bite-sized chunks. We regularly repeat critical concepts so that you can take it all in, a little bit, by a little bit.

The keyword is Respect

Here at The Creative Guide, respect is our byword. We mean this in every sense of the word; respect from us to you, respect from you to us, respect for your fellow students.

Stay on topic

Our commitment to all of our students is to cover the course material as laid out on our website and in the tutorial notes. If there are topics not specifically covered in the course, there will be time before and after class to bring these up.

Our promise

  • To remain brand neutral. We will never fool you into thinking a particular brand is 'great' because we are paid to say so. All brands are great.

  • To always try to translate photography terminology in a way that relates to you and your camera.

  • To never cram different levels into our courses, if a class has 'Beginner' in the title, it is indeed a beginners course.

  • To never track you around the internet or allow anyone else to use any data on my site to do so. We run a training school, not a data mining operation; we have zero interest in squeezing extra cents out of our connection here.

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