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Groups - How our Tutorial Notes are structured

The bedrock of our group courses is the accompanying Tutorial Notes. They are clear and well-ordered.

Groups - How our Tutorial Notes are structured

Clear, well-ordered Tutorial Notes

The bedrock of our group courses is the accompanying Tutorial Notes. We have invested a massive amount of time in making them clear and well-ordered. While participants can use the notes separately from the classes, they will give you a clear roadmap of how everything lines up.

DOWNLOAD A FREE SET OF SAMPLE NOTES HERE so that you can see for yourself. The notes contain over 15 great hints and tips.

Read on any device

Our notes are created in the latest version of PDF, which can be read on any device.

The Contents Page also lets you click on the Modules so you

can jump straight to that section

Bookmarks On Laptop, Desktop, and Mobile devices

1- The bookmarks let you quickly jump to specific Modules or Lessons throughout the document.

The bookmarks option is beneficial on smaller screens such as phones or tablets.

Clickable links, everywhere

3 - Every link is clickable, including the Social Media icons at the bottom of the Contents Page. The website and email addresses at the bottom and side of each Lesson Page are clickable

Clicking a Modules Tab brings you straight to that module

Modules on the Contents Page are clickable

4 - Each of the Modules listed on the Contents Page of the Tutorial Notes is clickable. They will bring you straight to the relevant module.

Module tabs are also clickable

5 - Click on a Module tab to go straight to that module.

Lesson numbers show your progress

6 - Each lesson within a module has a lesson number and a total number of lessons listed with it. So, 10/21 shows you are halfway through that module.

Home Button gets you back to the Contents Page

7 - Each of the pages in the Tutorial Notes has a Home Button in the top left corner. Clicking this brings you directly to the Contents Page (Image 3, above).

Version Date is in the bottom right-hand corner

8 - This is the date when the notes were updated; helpful in finding out if you have the latest version.

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