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Groups - On-site print exhibitions get the whole organization excited

There's nothing quite like seeing an image printed on paper; it seems more ‘real,’ particularly when it’s your own.

Groups - On-site print exhibitions get the whole organization excited

Maybe it’s the physicality of it, perhaps it’s the way the light bounces off it, or maybe it’s the way we naturally treat them as precious objects, hard to say. But when we put that image in a frame and hang it on the wall, we are saying, “this image is important.” 

Print exhibitions for our group courses take that fact and elevate it to include “this person is important.” And who doesn’t want to feel special? Without exception, every student who we’ve helped hold their first photography exhibition has said it was probably the most memorable thing they’ve ever done. 

When we make a print and hang it on a wall, that image represents an essential aspect of our creativity. We are, in fact, putting a little bit of our soul on display. That’s why it’s so important. 

The print and exhibition option is a paid extra (only available on the Abstracts and Projects group courses) and takes place at a location chosen by the client who books the course. Clients must book this module before the course starts because of the logistics and time involved in organizing prints and frames.

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